The Halal Guys open up shop in Austin

Well, about time is what I say!

The halal guys

I admit, we are a family of carnivores. My daughter ate bacon and sausage for breakfast over pancakes and waffles. Not that I didn't try doing the 'nurture' part of nature and nurture, but nature often outsmarts me ;)

When we are eating out, I look for a) meat options b) some flexibility in substitutions and c) not bank breaking $$ and d) good service & wait staff - lets face it, I already have enough on my plates and making sure they don't cause a circus, let alone deal with a grumpy grin from someone who I am hoping and praying will ease my job. 

So, when we walk into the restaurant, The Halal Guys - and we see a bright smile, that's a good start. The line moved pretty quick. The decor was casual modern - LOVE that art decal on the wall, what a cool way of showing their humble beginnings in NYC to what's now a sprawling enterprise in multiple cities and countries. This is truly a success story. 

We ordered most of the menu: Falafel, hummus, combo platter, kiddos had the gyro and chicken sandwich, meat only, and hubs had the gyro and chicken sandwich.

My 8 yr old finished the sandwich in under 10 minutes - and I am not kidding, it was a big wrap - literally and figuratively!

 combination platter and gyrp wrap at the halal guys

combination platter and gyrp wrap at the halal guys

My favorite was the platter. The rice was flaky and buttery. Meat was just right, not too dry. Hummus was spot on. Falafel was alright, though. My only pet peeve was the 'white sauce' was not purely a tzaziki sauce, but instead more like a ranch-mayo mix, similar to what "the halal gurus' food truck have in Austin. I just like simple yogurt based sauces no yolk. But, oh well. You get what you get and don't cause a fret as my little ones say.

I would go back here in a heartbeat as the kiddos approved it, I loved my platter and that red sauce - is KILLER.

The guy on the counter goes: 'it is spicy'

Hubs: "It's okay, I can handle it." (secretly saying - look at me, I am brown - we know spicy)

We come to our table, and right away, 

Hubs: "Dang.. babe, watch out - that's REALLY spicy! Oh, man.. "

The wait staff was super sweet, constantly picking up and asking if we need more sauces, or whatever. 

Good experience overall, will go back. #familyapproved #foodapproved