Sign-up for the School Lunch Program

We want to provide better tasting, well balanced lunch options for picky eaters and good eaters alike. Currently in development phase, we hope to launch in January 2017.

If you opt-in, pre-cooked (most likely the week of), packaged, labeled lunch will be delivered to your home. Special emphasis will be given on environment friendly packaging, and carefully thought out menu that sneaks in good ingredients especially vegetables, greens, protein and essential nutrients into the little bellies.

Our goal: reduce food waste, accommodate some allergies, fresh cooked, appealing to kids and their taste buds, meets the dietary guidelines by the CDC to the best of our abilities, meet the highest cleanliness and food safety standards. 

Sign up here to indicate an interest for potentially participating in the school lunch delivery service. When we go live, we will give you an opportunity to secure your spot as an early adopter, which means you will receive some perks!

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Pre-launch sign-up sheet

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